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The Loons Lottery, since its conception in March 1999, continues to be one of the Clubs most successful ongoing fund raising initiatives. This money spinning venture, initially co-ordinated by then Director Mike McEwan and his wife Helen, has proved a real boon, not only to The Loons, but for a host of other sporting groups and other organisations.

Over the ten year period, groups involved in the Lottery have benefited to the tune of over £400,000, as they retain 50% of all of the weekly ticket sales. Forfar Athletic absorbs all of the operating and prize money costs.

A recent press and programme release by Loons Director Dennis Fenton, who now runs the weekly draw, stated that from the current 35 organisations currently taking part, he estimates that at least 30% of these groups will raise over £1000 per annum with one group hitting over £2000 !!!. How much difference would that make to your Clubs funds? "We are always keen to welcome new organisations on board," explained Dennis. "It is quite staggering what can be raised in a year with little effort".

The draws are made every Monday evening at Station Park, when anyone interested in joining or simply finding out more would be made very welcome. The Jackpot prize starts at £500 and rises, if not won, in weekly increments of £250 to a maximum of £3000. If the jackpot is not won, five £20 consolation prizes are drawn from the participating tickets.

Many of the participating clubs and organisations now look on The Loons Lottery as their major fund raiser. Why not find out how your group can join and become part of the Loons Lottery success.


    Tuesday, 19 November 2013

    This evenings £3000 maximum jackpot draw resulted in a three way share of the prize. Two of the £1000 cheques staying in Forfar and one heading for Arbroath. The jackpot now reverts to £500 next week which means if it is not won over the next few weeks it is possibly going to be a very good Christmas present for a lucky player. Make sure that you have a chance to win by contacting any of the man...

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